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3 Important Things You Should Know about Foundation Cracks Cleveland, OH

Foundation Cracks | Cleveland, OH | Ohio State Waterproofing

The presence of any kind of crack on the foundation of your building can cause you some discomfort. You are likely to be worried about the costly repair work that needs to be done. However, it is worth noting that not all types of foundation cracks mean that your house has been extensively damaged and […]

3 Types of Foundation Wall Cracks and Methods to Repair Them | Cleveland, OH

Foundation Wall Repair | Cleveland, OH | Ohio State Waterproofing

The appearance of cracks on your building’s foundation can make you fret. You will certainly get worried when you see cracks because you may not be familiar with the causes of these cracks and the impact that the cracks have on your building. Therefore, it is important to get adequate information about foundation wall cracks. […]

Methods For Wall Crack Repair Cleveland, OH

Cracked Foundation Walls | Cleveland, OH

Houses of any age move and shift subtly over time, and the weakest area in a wall is the most likely to crack. A wall is constructed with vertical studs that extend from floor to ceiling. It is right to be concerned about your health and the possible effects of chemical compounds introduced to your […]

Repairing Foundation Wall Cracks Begins with Proper Landscape Drainage | Cleveland Hts, OH

Repairing Foundation Wall Cracks Begins with Proper Landscape Drainage Many people assume that the repair of foundation wall cracks only has to do with physically repairing the foundation walls. However, there is much more to repair the foundation than simply installing carbon fiber straps. While these straps will help to stop the inward movement of the wall […]