Many people assume that the repair of foundation wall cracks only has to do with physically repairing the foundation walls. However, there is much more to repair the foundation than simply installing carbon fiber straps. While these straps will help to stop the inward movement of the wall by reinforcing the wall, they will not stop the pressure from building on the outside of the wall.

Landscape drainage and foundation wall cracks

If the drainage on your landscape is poor, your foundation walls will suffer. This is because it will result in the accumulation of moisture around the foundation of your home. This will result in the bowing of your basement walls and the formation of foundation wall cracks which will eventually leak. Your basement is likely to flood as a result.

Common landscape drainage problems

Water is a necessity. It is necessary for household activities as well as for maintaining a healthy landscape. Understanding how to properly distribute it will help to prevent or fix drainage problems. The following are some of the factors that you should consider in order to solve common landscape drainage issues.

  1. The grading of the landscape

One of the most common causes of foundation problems results from water collecting at the foundation as a result of poor grading. When the landscape slopes toward the foundation, water will drain towards the foundation. This results in high hydrostatic pressure against the foundation walls.

This problem can be solved by correcting the grading of the landscape to slope away from the foundation. This will result in water flowing away from the foundation. You may also want to have sub-surface drainage installed. This will guide excess water away from the foundation.

  1. Paved surfaces

Proper grade isn’t just important for the green spaces on your landscape. It’s also important for your hardscape surfaces. These include your driveway, terraces, pool deck and walkways. They should all have the right slope to prevent water from flowing toward the foundation. You should also consider having a drainage system installed in these areas to guide water away from the foundation.

  1. Plant beds

How and where you install your plant beds is not just important for aesthetics. It can cause a drainage issue if done wrong. Plant beds that aren’t properly designed can impede natural water flow. They can also cause water to pool in the plant beds or cause it to flow in the wrong direction.

It is important to ensure that the flower beds are installed away from the foundation where possible. You should also consider the slope of the bed. Ensure that it slopes away from the foundation.

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