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Basement Waterproofing Lorain, OHAt Ohio State Waterproofing we help Lorain Ohio, homeowners with their basement waterproofing needs. Whether you have recently noticed a leak, have detected a musty smell in your basement, or you’re being proactive and want to prevent water damage before it’s too late, our team of highly trained and experienced basement waterproofing professionals can help. We’ll gladly visit your home, inspect your basement, and recommend the service that is most appropriate for your situation.
Basement waterproofing is extremely important because there are few things more threatening to a home than the presence of water. If you’re like most homeowners, you undoubtedly rely on your basement for storage, and if you have spent the time and money renovating your basement, the stakes are even higher. You simply can’t afford to wonder if your basement will start leaking after the next storm. Additionally, small leaks have a tendency to rapidly worsen, so even if you’ve noticed a seemingly minor problem, it is essential that you have our basement waterproofing experts come inspect your Lorain Ohio home and explain your options.

Here is a brief overview of the basement waterproofing services that we offer in Lorain, Ohio:

  • Internal waterproofing, where a covered trough is installed in the basement to collect any water that seeps through the foundation. This water is then re-routed away from the foundation and out of the home through a drainage system, often with the assistance of a pump.
  • External waterproofing, where the dirt immediately surrounding the foundation of the home is excavated and the existing drainage system is cleaned, repaired, and optimized to help prevent water from entering the basement.
  • Patented Multi-Step System – The Ohio State Basement Waterproofing Modern Drainage System takes care of surface water and the water that enters through cracks in your foundation wall.

Interesting fact(s) about Lorain, Ohio:

Lakeview Park is bisected by West Erie Avenue (U.S. Route 6), with the northern section being managed by the Lorain County Metro Parks and the southern by the city. The park was established circa 1917 under Mayor Leonard M. Moore as a way of providing more publicly accessible space on the lakefront. There were 8 casualties as a result of the tornado in 1924, which also destroyed all of the original bathhouse except for the concrete arches, which provide the support as the base for the current bathhouse. The bathhouse was rebuilt after the tornado and replaced once more in 2007, following the takeover of the park in 2006 by the Lorain County Metro Parks.

The Lorain County Metro Parks section of Lakeview Park features a playground on the beach, volleyball courts, a bathhouse with eight family changing rooms, five showers, and a concession stand, several gazebos and picnic shelters, lawn bowling, a color-changing fountain, an Easter egg basket, and a historical rose garden. The Lakeview Fountain was built in 1935 with local Amherst sandstone and has a multi-color display at night, with the spray of the fountain reaching 30 to 50 feet in height. The Easter basket was dedicated on April 3, 1941 as the “floral basket,” featuring the design patented by Lorain Parks Department employee David Shukait; traditionally, families in Lorain, in celebration of Easter, take an annual photo at the basket.

The rose garden was originally dedicated on May 30, 1932 and has 2,500 roses in 48 beds. The shape of the garden, a wheel with eight spokes, is the Rotary International emblem in honor of the 17 community organizations that funded the garden initially, including the Lorain Rotary. The garden was restored in 2005 and roses are planted to honor and commemorate those that had ties to the community or garden itself in city history. The city operated section of Lakeview Park features baseball/softball fields, basketball courts, and tennis courts.

Over 70 different nationalities live in the Lorain area, hence the nickname “The International City.” One of the highlights of the summer season is the Lorain International Festival. Every year, as part of the festival, there is a pageant of princesses who each represent their heritage. Many were originally attracted to Lorain by work in the steel mills and ship yards. Lorain is sometimes referred to as Steel City because of its well-known steel mill. Downtown Lorain was devastated by a tornado in 1924 and as part of an initiative to rebuild the downtown several historic buildings were constructed, including the Lorain Palace Theatre which opened in 1928 and continues to operate today.

To learn more about our basement waterproofing Lorain Ohio services and for help determining the best approach for your home, contact Ohio State Basement Waterproofing Lorain, Ohio, today. We’ll gladly visit your home, inspect your basement, and explain your options.

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