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Why Your Pipes Should Be Included in Your Basement Waterproofing Solution Macedonia, OH

When most people think of basement waterproofing, they think of the walls of their basements and how best to protect their integrity. While this is a major part of the waterproofing, there are various other aspects of waterproofing that you need to pay attention to. Some of these aspects aren’t directly connected to your basement but play a vital role in waterproofing. For example, repairing your gutters and ensuring the downspouts drain water far away from the foundation is important for waterproofing.Why Your Pipes Should Be Included in Your Basement Waterproofing Solution Macedonia, OH

How Burst or Leaking Pipes can Affect Your Foundation

It is important to pay attention to your pipes as part of your basement waterproofing. Bursting or leaking pipes can cause chaos in your basement. They can cause:

  • Water seepage

When a pipe bursts or leaks, the water will seep into the soil. If the situation is not remedied quickly, the water will continue to soak into the soil and penetrate the cracks in the basement walls. It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to experience flooded basements as a result of a burst pipe.

  • Formation of cracks in foundation walls

Water seepage isn’t the only problem that water soaking into the soil can cause your foundation. Water seeping into the soil will result in increased hydrostatic pressure acting against the foundation walls. If the leak is underground and goes unnoticed for an extended period, it may cause foundation cracks. These cracks will get worse with time, even after the leak has been repaired.

  • Mold infestations

Water seepage into the foundation will result in an increase in humidity levels within the basement. This, in turn will result in a mold infestation. Mold will destroy your property. It will also put the health of your family at risk. You will end up losing property and having to spend money on mold remediation to restore your property.Why Your Pipes Should Be Included in Your Basement Waterproofing Solution Macedonia, OH

  • Compromise your electrical systems

Leaks will expose your electrical systems to water. This will result in hazardous conditions on your property. You and your family will be at risk of electrocution. Your electronics may also be damaged as a result.

If you haven’t considered your water pipes in your basement waterproofing system, you should ensure that they are. Consider having them inspected. Insulate those pipes that are exposed. You should also carry out regular inspection of your pipes to ensure that leaks are identified and repaired early. Consider replacing copper pipes with plastic ones.

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