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Problems with your home’s foundation can range from minor cracks to serious structural damage. If you have discovered issues with your foundation, you will need some type of foundation repair. Here is what you can expect: What Are the Different Methods of Foundation Repair? Parma, OH


  1. Different types of cracks

Before learning about the different types of foundation repair, it is important to know the different types of cracks you may see. Hairline cracks typically do not mean there is a structural issue. These can be filled to keep water from entering the foundation. Step-like cracks usually mean that there is settling in the foundation.


Vertical cracks often mean that the foundation has dropped, which will lead to structural issues. Horizontal cracks are often the most serious. They mean that the walls are bending and the foundation is bowing due to pressure from the soil. This needs to be taken care of by a professional.


  1. Different types of foundation repair

The method of repair used will depend on the cause of the problem. Here are some common methods:


  • Slab jacking

This process is a common method of foundation repair when the foundation that is sinking. Contractors fill the space underneath the foundation slab so that it moves back up to its original position.


This is done by drilling holes at the base of the slab, then filling them with a mixture of cement and other materials. This requires specialized experience, so hiring a professional is the best way to go.


  • Patches and sealants

Sometimes foundations crack due to shrinkage. If this happens, then the best method of foundation repair is to use sealants and patches. One option is to fill the cracks in the corners of a foundation with a hydraulic cement that will expand as it dries.


Another option is to use masonry sealants or epoxy. This sealant will prevent any water from entering the foundation, which will help prevent further issues.


  • Foundation repair with piering

Piering or piling is when a contractor uses different types if steel pipe pilings to correct a foundation that has settled. The push piers are sections of a steel pipe that has been coated with an epoxy. This pipe is driven into the ground.


Another type of pier is the helical pier. This is installed by first digging a trench and then attaching the helical plate to the steel pipe and driving it into the ground. This raises the foundation. Drilled bell piers are the last type. They are filled with concrete to support the foundation.


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