The Smart Solution for Your Home, and Your Peace of Mind

Don’t leave your biggest investment — your home — unprotected against one of nature’s most destructive forces — water.

  • A major safety concern for homeowners today is protection from water/flooding.
  • Water weakens foundations, rots timbers and damages appliances and furniture.
  • Heavy snow and rain storms along with downed trees on power lines can leave you without power.
  • Rolling black outs during heavy power usage times will leave you without power.
  • Edison Utilities warns that you should never enter into a flooded basement to turn off power, but instead call your local fire department for assistance.
  • Smart Power®
    The EPA states all it takes is 24 – 48 hours for mold and fungus to grow.
  • Smart Power®
    Time and again appliances that are subject to wet and damp basements begin to rust out.
  • Smart Power®
    Furnace replacement due to flood damage averages $4,820.00

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Just 5 minutes of lost power or a failed sump pump during a storm can result in 90 gallons of excess water in your home. After 1 hour without your sump pump working, your home takes on 1,000 gallons of unwanted water. This amount of water is enough to fill two 8′ x 8′ x 3′ hot tubs.

Smart Power®Smart Power®

Features Others SmartPower®
How powerful is the pumping capacity? (In gallons per hour at a 5′ height.) 1700 GPH 3500 GPH
Does it run intermittently for days on a single charge? 1 Day 7 Days
Does it have a “Unique” installation of a separate dedicated line which has the capacity to remove twice as much water? (A single discharge line just isn’t functional when you need to move a lot of water in a shorter amount of time.) No Yes
Does it automatically switch to battery power when your AC power fails? No Yes
Does it know when there is an increased demand on your sump pump during heavy water intake and will it automatically start up as a second pump? No Yes
Will it automatically start recharging once power has been restored? Yes Yes
Does it continuously monitor battery and power conditions? No Yes
Does it have an anti-clogging ability? No Yes
Is it capable of pumping and charging the battery simultaneously? No Yes
Does it have an all Cast Iron pump construction? No Yes

Smart Power®