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Basements are one of those spaces in the home that are underestimated and whose potential is often unused. If you’re one of those homeowners who has realized the potential of their basement and wants to take advantage of it, good for you. You may however, be searching for ways to cut down on costs in finishing your basement. It can be tempting to use DIY basement systems. However, these will only cost you more than you will save using them and here’s why.

  1. Not long term

Many DIY basement systems are designed for use by individuals with little or no knowledge of how foundations work. They are also designed to be used without specialized equipment. They are therefore most likely going to be simple solutions to what may seem like a simple problem. However, as any contractor will tell you, there are no simple problems in regards to foundations.

Foundation cracks, bowing walls, and other foundation problems are often a sign of a much deeper problem that needs attention. You could be dealing with high hydrostatic pressure, poor backfilling, poor construction methods and much more. Fixing the crack by applying a seal will not solve the underlying problem but only make it worse. You will end up spending more on repairing even worse damage down the line.

  1. Don’t provide high quality materials

In many instances, the materials used for DIY basement systems aren’t high quality materials. Manufacturers are willing to cut corners so as to make these systems affordable to the DIYer. They won’t include professional grade materials that will give better results long term.

Professional contractors can easily identify high quality materials. They also know where to source the best materials for your basement project. You will therefore be able to enjoy the benefits of the professional system for much longer.

  1. Doesn’t cover all aspects of the project

There are various aspects of any basement repair or finishing project that need to be considered and addressed. For example, repairing cracks in foundation walls may require the repair of gutters and downspouts to prevent dumping of runoff at the foundation and therefore ease hydrostatic pressure against the walls. An inexperienced homeowner who has invested in a DIY system may only pay attention to the problem that the system addresses and not to other contributing factors.

Get in touch with a professional basement contractor whenever you want to undertake a project to ensure the best results possible.