Reasons to Invest in Basement Waterproofing Before You Sell Your Home | Cleveland, OH

Is your basement leaking? If you’re planning to put your home on the market, you may be thinking that you can get away with avoiding basement waterproofing all together. After all, that basement will no longer be your problem.

Stop right there and think through this for a second. Do you want to get the best possible price on your home? Then you should probably get on the phone with that basement waterproofing contractor.

Closing a deal with a water seepage problem will be difficult

There aren’t many buyers that will purchase a home that has foundation issues. The foundation is the base of the home. Dealing with water seepage issues can be difficult, especially if they have been present for a long while. Water seepage can be the sign of a bigger problem with the foundation. It can also result in other issues such as mold infestations and property damage. Very few buyers are willing to put money into a home that they know has issues with its foundation. Mortgage providers will also be hesitant to provide funds for the purchase of a property with foundation issues.

Reasons to Invest in Basement Waterproofing Before You Sell Your Home | Cleveland, OH

You won’t have much luck trying to convince a buyer to take your home. Your house may remain on the market for a very long time. You may never be able to sell it if you don’t get the seepage issues attended to.

You may be forced to sell your home for less

Water seepage issues can result in a decrease in value of your home. Most homes with foundation issues sell for less than 25% of the average market value of similar homes. This means that you may not receive the amount you were hoping to get from the sale.

If you want to get the best price for your home, you’ll need to invest in it. While basement waterproofing can cost a few thousand dollars, it doesn’t compare to the increase in the value of your home. You can get a better price on your home and make a significant profit on the waterproofing investment.

What now?

If you’re planning to put your home on sale, you should get it inspected. Confirm any issues that would be a problem to potential buyers. Have the issues repaired and be upfront with potential buyers about the repairs you have had done. They’ll know what they are getting into. Many buyers will be pleased to know that the repairs were done by a professional contractor and the solutions are for the long term.

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