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Facts About Lorain, OH

History of Lorain, Oh

The City began as an unincorporated village established pre-1834 as “Black River Village”, but in 1837 (also per local-government records) the name was officially changed in 1837 to ‘Charleston’, (however, according to 19th-century historians, the name ‘Charleston’ was almost immediately rejected by its own citizens, who continued to utilize the former name, Black River Village until 1873). It was subsequently incorporated as a village under the name Lorain in 1874 and became a City in 1896. The first mayor of the City of Lorain is credited as Conrad Reid, beginning his term on April 6, 1874. The municipal boundaries incorporated the majority of the former Black River Township judicial boundaries, and portions of the Sheffield Township, Amherst Township, and Brownhelm Township judicial borders.

Lorain is notable for its deindustrialized economy, formerly being home to the American Ship Building Company Lorain Yard, Ford Motor Company Lorain Assembly Plant, and United States Steel Corporation’s steel mill on the City’s south side. The city faces many similar issues to other Rust Belt cities, including population decline and urban decay. Poverty in the city is above the national average at 26.2%, lower than Cleveland’s 36%. but higher than neighboring Elyria’s 22.2%

CenturyTel of Ohio is based in Lorain.

Lakeview Park is bisected by West Erie Avenue, with the northern section being managed by the Lorain County Metro Parks and the southern by the city. The park was established in 1917 under Mayor Leonard M. Moore as a way of providing more publicly-accessible space on the lakefront.

The park features a beach, rose garden, various recreational facilities, bathhouse, concession stand, several gazebos and picnic shelters, and lawn bowling.

There is a fountain shaped as an Easter basket built in 1935 with local Amherst sandstone, and dedicated on April 3, 1941 as the “floral basket”. Traditionally, families in Lorain, in celebration of Easter, take an annual photo at the basket.

The rose garden was dedicated in 1932, and has 2,500 roses in 48 beds. The shape of the garden, a wheel with eight spokes, is the Rotary International emblem in honor of the 17 community organizations that funded the garden initially, including the Lorain Rotary. The garden was restored in 2005 and roses are planted to honor and commemorate those that had ties to the community or garden itself in city history.

The Lorain municipal government is a Mayor-Council structure, and operates as a statutory city under the laws and regulations set by the Ohio Constitution, making it one of the largest Ohio cities to operate without a charter. The City of Lorain operates on a ward-based system. Elected positions include the mayor, eleven City Council members, the Council President, Auditor, Treasurer, Law Director, Clerk of Courts, and two judges.

The mayor functions as the chief of the executive branch, with job duties including: determining city laws, spurring economic development, planning and administering city projects, delivering city services, negotiating city contracts, and budgeting. As of January 1, 2020, Jack Bradley is mayor.

The City Council consists of 11 members; eight members are elected by ward and three members are elected at-large, with one council member presiding as the President of Council. The Lorain City Council responsibilities include: determining the salary of city officials and employees, enacting ordinances and resolutions of city services, enacts tax levies, appropriating and borrowing money, licensing, regulating business, commerce, and other municipal duties. Council members serve two-year terms. Through the City Budget, the City Council directly controls the operation of the planning, zoning, street construction, maintenance and repair, water and sewer services, municipal court services, and general administrative services.

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