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Carbon fiber has revolutionized the approach contractors take to foundation repair. This inexpensive solution is easy to install and offers long term benefits for repairing cracked and bowing foundations. It requires no maintenance and affords homeowners the flexibility to finish their basements in any way they like.

Proper installation is critical for the success of carbon fiber foundation repair. It is one of the main reasons that it is best to contact a foundation repair professional to repair.

The right way to install carbon fiber

  1. Inspection

The first and most crucial step in carbon fiber foundation repair is the inspection of the foundation and property in general. Professionals do this to understand the cause and level of damage better. That is to ensure that carbon fiber is the best solution for the repair of your foundation.

Cracks get examined to ensure that they are not more than ½” in width. If the wall is bowing, the degree of movement is measured to determine whether straightening is also required.

  1. Prep work

If carbon fiber gets determined to be the best solution for repairing the foundation, the surface of the walls gets prepared for the installation of the carbon fiber. The area is measured, and the area over which the straps will get grinded down to provide a clean and smooth surface. If the surface has any coating such as paint, this will get removed to expose the foundation wall.

The carbon fiber straps also get prepped for mounting to the foundation wall.

  1. Repair of cracks

If there are any cracks on the wall, they will get repaired at this point. That often involves a crack injection to seal them and prevent the entry of water into the basement.

  1. Installation

The carbon fiber straps then get installed on the wall. Many homeowners and inexperienced contractors do not ensure that the straps span the entire all.

Carbon fiber foundation repair helps to distribute pressure across the wall. Short straps have weak points at the bottom and top of the straps. They will collapse with as little pressure as 550 psi. However, when they get installed to cover the entire span of the wall (i.e., from the sill plate just above the foundation to the footing below your foundation), you can truly benefit from the strength of carbon fiber. These straps can take the pressure up to 50,000 psi.

Use a professional contractor to ensure you benefit from carbon fiber foundation repair.

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