Do Your Basement Walls Look Like They Are Bowing?  Cleveland, OH

Basement wall bowing is a phenomenon that occurs when the walls of your basement start to bend or curve inwards. Bowed basement walls can be a serious threat to your basement and the entire house since they affect the foundation’s structure.Bowed Basement Walls | Cleveland, OH | Ohio State Waterproofing

What causes basement wall bowing?

In most cases, wall bowing occurs a result of hydrostatic pressure. If the earth that surrounds the walls of your basement becomes saturated with water, it expands and exerts more pressure against your basement’s walls due to its increased weight.

Increased hydrostatic pressure can be due to flooding, poor drainage around your basement, and plumbing leaks that are not fixed in good time.

Other factors that can lead to bowed basement walls include:

Signs that you have bowed basement walls

Sometimes, it may not be easy to spot bowed basement walls. However, you need to look for any sign that may suggest that your basement’s walls are bowing. Here are some of the signs. Bowed Basement Walls | Cleveland, OH | Ohio State Waterproofing

What you need to do

If you see any signs of bowed basement walls, you should have a professional contractor do an inspection and repair the walls as soon as possible. If left unrepaired, basement wall bowing can continue and lead to notable structural damage.

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