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Are you concerned about indoor air quality? There are so many sources of pollution in the home today. It is therefore no surprise that many people are opting for natural products to improve the quality of air and the health of their households.

However, indoor air quality isn’t only about the level of pollutants in the home. The level of humidity in the home should also be taken into consideration.

Dealing with humidity the natural way

There are various natural ways to deal with humidity. These include:

  1. Ventilating the home

This involves increasing the flow of air in the home. This will help to reduce humidity by letting humid air out of the home and allowing fresh air into the home. The circulation of air can be done by opening the windows or investing in a system that mechanically circulates air inside and outdoors.

  1. Attending to your pipes

Leaks are a common source of moisture in the home. Pipes can also contribute to humidity levels as a result of condensation on the surface of the pipes.

Fixing leaks as soon as you notice them will help to reduce moisture and humidity in the home. Pipes that are indoors (especially in the basement) should be insulated.

  1. Keep soils in pots covered

Potted plants require water to survive. However, they often don’t use up all the water you give them. Some of this water evaporates from the soil and into the air thereby contributing to the humidity levels in the home.

Cover the soils to prevent evaporation. It will also help to reduce the number of times you have to water your plants.

  1. Invest in a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier will help you control the levels of humidity in your home. You simply need to set the level of humidity you want and let the dehumidifier run. The machine will shut off when the relative humidity you’ve set is reached.

  1. Dry your clothes outside

Dryers produce a lot of moisture even when they are vented to the outside. You can help to improve the conditions of your home by giving up the use of the dryer and air drying your clothes instead. Your humidity levels will be improved and so will the smell of your clothes.

  1. Give up long showers

Do you like to let the hot water pour on and on when you take a shower? Long hot showers are a source of excess moisture in the home. Take shorter showers to reduce the levels of humidity in your home.