Bowing Basement Walls: Causes and How to Fix the Problem Bowing Basement Walls Cleveland, OH

The foundation of your house is a key determinant of the strength of the house. The foundation bears the house’s weight and ensures that the building stands firm. Given that your basement walls are part of the foundation of your building, any sign of bowing basement walls can be concerning.  Bowing Basement Walls | Cleveland, OH | Ohio State Waterproofing

Bowing basement walls are a sign of foundation damage. If left unrepaired, bowing basement walls can cause severe horizontal cracks, which may lead to the crumbling of some sections of the foundation. At this point, your house will be unsafe to live in.

Knowing the causes of basement wall bowing and how a professional repair company can help you address the issue is critical for a timely response to the problem.

Factors that cause basement wall bowing

  • Plumbing leaks: Unchecked plumbing leaks near the basement wall can cause the soil to be saturated with water. This increases the hydrostatic pressure that is exerted on the basement walls, which can cause them to bow.
  • Heavy rain: Heavy rain can lead to sudden water saturation in the soil that surrounds the basement wall. Hence, there will be a sudden increase in the level of hydrostatic pressure that the soil exerts on the basement walls, causing them to bend.
  • Large roots: Large roots can also exert pressure on the basement walls as they grow and expand.
  • Frost heave: Frost heaving causes the soil that borders the basement walls to swell. As the soil occupies more space, it piles pressure on the basement walls, which can cause them to curve inwards.
  • Poorly shaped landscape: Land that has been poorly graded or not graded at all can cause surface runoff to flow towards your house. Over time, the water’s effects can cause your basement walls to bend.
  • Damaged or wrongly positioned gutters and downspouts: Damaged or incorrectly installed gutters and downspouts can dump roof water near the foundation. This will cause the soil to become saturated with water and exert more hydrostatic pressure on your basement’s walls. Bowing Basement Walls | Cleveland, OH | Ohio State Waterproofing

How to fix the problem

If you suspect that you have bowing basement walls, you should consult a professional basement repair company. The company’s technicians will inspect your home for any signs of damage.

If your walls are bowed, the technicians will use techniques such as steel bracing, wall anchors or carbon fiber to fix the problem. They will also implement measures to help prevent future damage to your basement walls.

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