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Basement waterproofing: Why Downspout Extensions Aren’t a DIY Job Ohio

Many homeowners understand the importance of having runoff water from their roofs guided away from their foundation. They therefore understand the importance of extending their downspouts as part of basement waterproofing.

Downspouts should drain water not less than eight feet away from the foundation. This is far enough to prevent water from collecting near the foundation. This water can cause water damage by seeping into the soil and increasing hydrostatic pressure acting against the foundation wall. It can also seep through any cracks in the foundation wall and cause flooding in the basement.

Extending your downspouts is an easy and affordable way to keep your basement dry, ensure the health of your household and protect the structure of your home. However, many homeowners believe that it is a job they can easily do on their own.

There are several factors that these homeowners tend to overlook.

  1. The steps taken for proper installation

There are several steps taken by professionals to install the extensions. These steps are taken to ensure that the job is done right. Missing one or several of these essential steps can lead to failure of the system which can result in a problem that is even more difficult and expensive to repair. It is, therefore, best to leave the job to the professionals in the first place. This will help to ensure that it is done right the first time round.

Basement waterproofing: Why Downspout Extensions Aren’t a DIY Job Ohio


  1. Proper position of the extensions

Installing downspout extensions is about much more than simply fixing the extension to the end of your existing downspout. The positioning of the downspout is vital for its effectiveness in the long term. Poor positioning of the downspout can result in a negative impact on your foundation and landscape. For example, you may experience soil erosion or the discharged water may flow back to the foundation and cause damage.

Extending downspouts is not a DIY job. Trying to install these extensions on your own can result in serious damage to your foundation, landscape and property in general. If you want to prevent these risks, it is better to consult with a professional.

  1. Not all professionals can install extensions effectively

Not all professional contractors have the skills and experience required to install downspout extensions properly. If you want to protect your foundation, it is best to talk to a contractor that truly understands foundations and how downspouts and the landscape relate to it. A basement waterproofing contractor is therefore the ideal contractor for the job.

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