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4 Signs You Need Help from a Foundation Repair Company Macedonia, OH

Your home’s foundation is a critical feature of the building. The entire building is likely to be affected if its foundation has a problem. Thus, you need to be carrying out regular inspections on your home, especially the foundation to make sure that it has no cracks or other signs of damage.

Different signs of damage on your home’s foundations have different implications for the building. It is therefore important to contact a licensed foundation repair company if you come across any unusual signs on your foundation and other areas such as walls. If you see any of the following signs, you need to seek help from a foundation repair contractor.4 Signs You Need Help from a Foundation Repair Company Macedonia, OH

  1. Moisture or Water in Your Basement

A wet or moist basement is not a good sign. The presence of moisture in the basement could be an indication that water is seeping in through the foundation walls. Leaks in the plumbing could also be causing water to penetrate the foundation walls. Or there could be a seepage of water in the basement through the floor.

Continues presence of water in the basement can cause notable damage to the basement walls and affect the structural integrity of your building. You are particularly at a higher risk if the seepage of through the basement walls causes horizontal cracking and wall bowing.

A foundation repair contractor will help diagnose the cause of moisture in the basement and fix the problem.

  1. Musty Odors in the Basement

The presence of moisture in the basement is often correlated with the presence of moisture. This is because mold thrives in damp conditions. As mold, its spores produce volatile organic compounds, which are associated with musty smells.

So if you feel that your basement is persistently stuffy, you need to call a foundation repair technician so that they can check for seepage water into the basement.4 Signs You Need Help from a Foundation Repair Company Macedonia, OH

  1. Foundation Walls Cracks

Cracks on the foundation of your home can expand over time, especially if water penetrates through them. Large cracks indicate notable damage to the foundation and will require more resources to repair. You need to be particularly more concerned if you see diagonal or horizontal cracks on the foundation. You should call a foundation repair company immediately if you see these cracks.

  1. Bowed Foundation Walls

Increased hydrostatic pressure due to wet soil around the foundation of your home can cause foundation wall bowing. Bowing can also occur due to frost heave and the presence of large roots near your home’s foundation.  A professional foundation repair technician will help you identify the cause of bowing foundation walls and fix this problem competently.

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