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It is common to find basements that are frequently wet or damp. A wet or damp basement is not a good sign since humid conditions are associated with several negative effects.

One example of the negative effects of a wet basement is the growth of mold or mildew, which is associated with health problems such as allergies and asthma. A wet basement also indicates that water may be seeping through the basement wall, which can cause considerable damage to the foundation. Wetness in the basement also renders the basement relatively unusable.

It is important to understand the causes of wet basements as well as how to fix the problem. Below are details about two causes of wet basements and their solutions.

  1. Basement flooding2 Causes of Wet Basements and How to Fix Them Macedonia, OH

Basements are prone to flooding because of their location below or partly below the ground level. This means that any water that finds its way near the basement is likely to enter the basement. As a result, a basement can become flooded at any time. The causes of basement flooding include surface runoff, water that seeps through the walls or floor of the foundation, groundwater, and storm sewer backup.

How to fix the problem of basement flooding

The best way to address chronic basement flooding is to install drainage facilities in the areas below the basement floor. It is important to have a professional contractor do the drainage installation work since a lot of work is involved.

The tasks that are carried out include breaking the concrete, excavating the soil that surrounds the foundation wall, installing the appropriate drainage devices, and patching up the excavated areas. Your contractor should ensure that any water that could potentially enter the basement is directed away into areas such as the sump pit where it can be pumped.

  1. Foundation leaks due to cracks

Foundation cracks are notorious for letting water seep into the basement through the walls, which can cause flooding. Foundation leaks are likely to be common in areas where the soil that surrounds the foundation frequently comes in contact with water. Some of the water that the soil holds will then percolate into the basement through the cracks in the foundation wall. Cracks exacerbate the level of foundation damage caused by water.

How to fix the problem of foundation leaks

Basement and foundation wall leaks can be addressed by repairing the cracks that cause these leaks and waterproofing the wall.


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