Do you have cracks in your drywall? These wall cracks could be result of foundation damage.

Causes of drywall damage that aren’t related to foundation issues

It’s not easy to determine whether the wall cracks on your drywall are the result of foundation damage or not. It’s always a good idea to have your home inspected to determine this. Other possible causes of drywall damage include:

  1. Poor installation practices

Inexperience in installing drywall can result in cracking. It is important to use joint compound and tape properly during the installation for best results. Missing even a single step or carrying out some steps improperly can result in cracking.

  1. Excess moisture

This is common sense. When drywall is exposed to moisture, it will crack. The accumulation of moisture in the studs behind the drywall therefore can cause the drywall to crack. High levels of humidity in the home are therefore likely to cause drywall damage.

When drywall cracks are caused by foundation issues

In many cases, drywall cracks are the result of foundation damage. Wall cracks are often a sign of foundation movement. The uneven movement results in differing pressure being placed on the individual pieces of drywall. The type of damage witnessed on the drywall is often an indication of the nature of shifting in the foundation.

The following signs will tell you whether the cracks in your drywall are the result of foundation shifting:

  • Horizontal cracking

Cracks on your drywall that are horizontal often indicate that the wall is moving down along with the foundation. This is especially true when the cracks meet the ceiling. It is an indication that the wall is pulling away from the ceiling.

  • Diagonal cracking

These types of cracks also indicate downward movement of both the wall and the foundation. Hairline cracks are often easy to repair. However, larger diagonal cracks are an obvious indication of a serious problem that will require professional intervention. They may also be an indication of irreparable damage.

  • Jamming of doors and windows

These are an indication of shifting of the foundation. Check doors and windows adjacent to the cracked drywall for fit. The frames in many cases won’t be flush.

  • Nail popping

This is a very strong indication of foundation damage. A lot of force is required to push a nail out of position once it has been set. You can be sure that this is the result of foundation settlement.