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Signs You Need Foundation Waterproofing Lorain, OH

While unfinished basements aren’t exactly attractive places, they can become even uglier when suspicious stains begin to appear on the walls. Stains on basement walls are a problem not just aesthetically but also structurally. Stains are often an indication of a moisture problem.

Wet basements are a concern to the health and safety of a home. They offer the perfect environment for mold infestation. It can compromise indoor air quality and the health of members in your household. Moisture can also cause damage to the structure of the home as well as property stored in the basement. It is, therefore, essential to take appropriate action to repair your basement if you notice stains on your walls.

Common Signs That You Need Foundation WaterproofingSigns You Need Foundation Waterproofing Lorain, OH

1. Efflorescence

It is sometimes confused for mold because of its powdery appearance. It is the result of the accumulation of mineral deposits on the surface of the wall. The minerals in the concrete or blocks get carried by water that infiltrates the walls. They are deposited on the wall’s surface when the water evaporates.

Efflorescence is harmless. However, it is a sign of a moisture problem. It is, therefore, vital to look into waterproofing your basement to avoid an even more severe problem.

2. Dark stains

Dark or grayish stains on walls are often a sign of the presence of mold in the basement. It is a common problem in wet basements.

Mold spores pose a risk to health. They are distributed in the air and make their way to the living areas of the home, where they can cause various health problems when inhaled.

Mold is one of the first signs that you have a moisture problem in your basement. It is crucial to have your home inspected. You should also invest in foundation waterproofing for your foundation after having the mold removed.

Signs You Need Foundation Waterproofing Lorain, OH

3. Spalling

It is chipping off the concrete surface of the wall. The wall begins to crumble and flake as water that has penetrated the wall carries minerals with it. The salts deposited within the wall expand, therefore taking more room within the concrete walls. The concrete breaks under pressure and begins to chip and flake. The result is the peeling of the wall’s surface.

If you notice any of these three effects on your wall, you should get in touch with a foundation waterproofing contractor as soon as possible. These stains are often a sign of a more extensive problem.

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