The Importance of Foundation Wall Repair Macedonia, OH

Your foundation is one of the most important structural elements of your home. It is literally the foundation upon which your house is built. So, it should come as no surprise that foundation problems can lead to serious issues with your home. 

One of the most common foundation problems is cracked or bowed foundation walls. These problems can be caused by a number of factors, including poor construction, Settling soil, or Hydrostatic pressure. Foundation wall repair is essential to maintaining the structural integrity of your home. Failure to properly repair foundation walls can result in further damage to your foundation and ultimately lead to the collapse of your home. foundation-problems-macedonia-oh-ohio-state-waterproofing-1

Types of Foundation Wall Repair

There are a few different ways to repair cracked or bowed foundation walls. The type of repair that is right for your home will depend on the severity of the damage, the age of your home, and other factors. Some common types of foundation wall repairs include: 

• Steel bracing: This is a common repair for cracks that are less than 1/8 inch wide. A steel plate is attached to the interior or exterior of your foundation wall with anchors. The plate applies lateral pressure to the wall, preventing it from moving any further. 

• Carbon fiber strips: These strips are used to reinforce cracks up to 1/2 inch wide. They are attached to the interior or exterior of your foundation wall with an epoxy adhesive. Carbon fiber strips can also be used on bowed walls. foundation-problems-macedonia-oh-ohio-state-waterproofing-2

• Wall anchors: Wall anchors are used to stabilize cracks that are wider than 1/2 inch and bowed walls. Anchors are driven into the soil outside your foundation wall and connected to brackets that are attached to your wall with epoxy adhesive. As the anchor is tightened, it pulls the wall back into place.  


If you notice cracks in your foundation walls or they appear to be bowing, don’t delay in getting them repaired. Foundation problems will not go away on their own and will only get worse over time. Ignoring foundation problems can ultimately lead to the collapse of your home. There are a number of different ways to repair cracked or bowed walls, so there is sure to be a solution that is right for your home. Don’t wait—get your foundation repaired today!

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