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Signs That You Need To Hire A Basement Waterproofing Company Youngstown, OH

Basement waterproofing can help you keep your basement dry, making it possible for you to use it as a storage space, laundry room, garage or even as a living space. It is also important to waterproof your basement because of the associated health benefits. Signs That You Need To Hire A Basement Waterproofing Company Macedonia, OH

About 50% of the air that you breathe indoors circulates from your basement. Basement waterproofing helps improve the quality of your indoor air by making the basement less humid and stuffy.

Some people ignore the need to waterproof their basements. This leads to several problems including poor health associated with wet basements and structural issues that can stem from frequently wet basements and foundation walls. Here are some signs that your home needs basement waterproofing.

Puddles of water in the basement

Pools of water in the basement are an indication that water is seeping into the basement. The seepage could be through the walls or the floor of the basement. Water seeping through the basement wall could be as a result of plumbing leaks or the soil surrounding the basement walls becoming saturated with water. Seepage from the floor can be due to underground water.

Waterproofing the basement by improving the drainage around the basement, installing French drains or sealing cracks in the floor or basement walls will solve the problem. Signs That You Need To Hire A Basement Waterproofing Company Macedonia, OH

Water marks and efflorescence on the walls

The presence of water stains on your basement’s walls or signs of efflorescence on the walls are also useful pointers to the seepage of water into your basement. Efflorescence, which refers to the occurrence of a powdery or crystalline deposit of salt on the interior walls of your basement, means that water containing salts is seeping into the basement from outside.

You should call a basement waterproofing professional if you see water stains or signs of efflorescence on your basement’s walls.

Bulging or warped doors

When water or moisture enters your basement, it will cause wooden items like doors to bulge or warp. Signs of bulging include the door not fitting well into its frame or becoming difficult to open and close. You may also see signs of warping or twisting.

If the basement continues to have a high moisture content, you are also likely to experience dry rot. You should waterproof your basement to counter these problems.

Persistent stuffiness and musty smell

Persistent stuffiness and a musty smell in the basement are signs that mold may be growing in this space. As mold grows, it produces volatile organic compounds, which are harmful because of their bad smell as well as their ability to cause eye, nose and throat irritation and a host of respiratory problems.

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