Most homeowners know that a sump pump can make the difference between having a dry basement and being flooded. It’s something that shouldn’t miss from your house especially if you are in a location with bad weather conditions. If you are fortunate to live in a city where you have good weather almost all the time, you should still consider getting a sump pump. It never hurts to be prepared because anything can happen and nature can surprise you.

Once you have a sump pump, you might think that you are completely safe. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Like with any other thing, a sump pump can stop working any time. This is where a battery backup sump pump becomes useful. The primary battery can stop doing its job any time for various reasons. At that moment, the second battery takes over and keeps the water away from the basement. Some of the reasons why you need a backup include:

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The Float Switch

If something goes wrong with the flat switch, the sump pump will not get the signal that it has to start working. The switch should send a signal as soon as the water gets to a dangerous level.

Electricity Failure

The sump pump is connected to the main power line. If you have the bad luck to have a power outage during a storm, the sump pump becomes useless. A battery backup sump pump is not dependent on the main electricity. It will automatically start pumping water and keep your basement dry.

Buying a Low Capacity Sump

The sump pumps available on the market have different capacity levels. This means that if you experience a stronger flood, the sump pump will not have what it needs to keep you protected. The price is an important factor when choosing a sump pump but you should think long term. In case of flooding, you will lose a lot more money. Even if you get a high capacity pump, it is always better to have a backup plan. Only then can you leave on vacation without worrying that when you get back you will find everything under water. It is important that you get advice from a professional.

A battery backup sump pump is something you can forget about once you have it installed. Even if it never has to do its job, you will enjoy the peace of mind it will give you.

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