Sump Pump in Akron OH

Millions of homes in the U.S flood every year. As a homeowner, it is important to protect your investment against these ravages of flooding. This is especially so if you have a basement. Owing to its location below ground level, your basement is susceptible to flooding. If you are living in a high water table region, the problem is even more pronounced.

The Basement Health Association (BHA) says over 69% of homes over 6 years are at risk of basement water problems. It is for this reason that you need to install a high performance sump pump. This system includes a sump pit where all water is collected before it is pumped out of the basement through a drain pipe.

Importance of a Sump Pump System

It is important for every homeowner to invest in this basement drainage system for the following reasons:

  • Preventing structural damage that occurs due to foundation support damage. Water presence causes wood joists to rot while iron fasteners corrode away thus comprising the integrity of your house.
  • Protecting your family by preventing the growth of toxic mold on basement surfaces. By draining all water away from the living space, your family is better protected from allergic mold spores.
  • Protecting your valuables in the basement in case of storms because rising water is drained away.
  • Protecting the value of your home by preventing water damage in the basement.

Types of Sump Pumps

Now that you appreciate the reason to invest in this drainage system, it is important to understand the options you have before buying. The main sump pumps include:

  • Primary pump: This is the standard units in most homes and are powered from the mains. They can either be submersible or pedestal pumps depending on the location of the pump motor. For the submersible sump pump, the unit is placed inside the sump water basin. A pedestal pump on the other hand is installed with the motor out of the water.
  • Battery backup sump pumps: This unit is important in case power goes out as normally happens during heavy storms. It is an automatic system that immediately picks up in case of a blackout and provides the power necessary to keep your basement dry.

Shopping for a Sump Pump in Akron OH

When comparing sump pumps, consider the following:

  • Capacity of the unit in terms of gallons it can pump in an hour.
  • Automatic features to protect your basement in case of a blackout.
  • Cast iron core body for durability
  • Alarm alert feature and automatic monitoring of the system
  • Anti-clogging ability

A sump pump is an integral part of home maintenance and they protect your precious investment. Make sure the unit is professionally installed and regularly maintained by a certified contractor.