Being a DIYer isn’t a bad thing. It is however, important to know when you should do it yourself and when to seek help from a professional. A good example of when you need professional assistance is in solving peeling paint problems.

Painting the basement is probably one of the first steps you’d take when converting the space into a living space. Many homeowners will opt to do this on their own. Many homeowners will even paint basements when they are leaky with the hope of making them look clean and dry.

The Problem with Band-Aids

If you spot peeling paint in your basement, you could be dealing with a water problem. It is important to ensure that this is addressed before painting the basement. Repainting the basement without addressing the problem will only make the problem worse.

How to Paint a Basement Properly

  1. Address the water problem

Begin by contacting a waterproofing contractor. They will inspect your basement and determine what the problem is. Discuss your needs and requirements with the contractor. Ensure that you opt for a solution that will reduce hydrostatic pressure on the wall and prevent water from getting into your basement. A combination of solutions may be required for the best results. Always invest in long term solutions for waterproofing. It will save you a lot of money in the long run.

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  1. Prep the area for painting

Having completed the waterproofing, you can now proceed to painting the basement walls. Before you apply the paint to the wall, prepare the area for painting. This will involve scrapping old paint off the walls and cleaning the walls. You may need to invest in a wire brush or paint stripper to help with this process.

Having stripped previous paint coats away and cleaned the surface, you can seal or prime it. This will ensure that the paint coat will last for longer. Sealing the surface also helps to prevent even small moisture droplets from sipping through to the surface of the wall. This will prevent the peeling paint problem you had in the first place.

  1. Paint it

Having gone through all the preparations, you can now paint the wall. Ensure that you use more than a single coat of paint. This ensures the best results.

Converting your basement into a living space may only require the application of a coat of paint however, ensuring that the coat of paint sticks may take a little more work.

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