Flooded Basement

Recovering from a flooded basement isn’t easy, but knowing where to start and what steps to take can make the process move quicker and possibly minimize the damage to your home.

Immediately shut off power to the basement.

The very first thing to do is cut the electric to the basement. Do not attempt to get in the water. Only turn the power off yourself if you can safely reach the breaker without touching any water. If not, you may have to find another method to turn it off or call your electric company.

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Remove the water.

Using a sump pump is ideal, but if you don’t have one or it isn’t working correctly, you’ll need to find another method, such as a shop vacuum or a bucket. In an extreme case of flooding, you can contact your local fire department.

Time is of the essence.

Try to remove the water as soon as possible. Flood water contains germs and bacteria and can produce mold. It takes approximately 24 to 48 hours for mold spores to germinate. If your basement becomes infested, the mold must be removed for health reasons, which can be difficult and expensive. Any soaked or porous items that won’t dry within 48 hours should be removed and discarded.

Clean, clean, clean.

Wash and dry everything that’s salvageable. Wash the walls and floor, preferably with bleach and water. If the flood water contained sewage, throw everything away. It’s a good idea to use a cleaning company.

Dehumidify and dry your basement.

After a flood, your basement will be damp and prone to mold. A dehumidifier can decrease the amount of moisture in the air, reducing dampness and the chance of mold growth. When you’re able, open all windows and doors and set up fans to keep the air circulating.

Waterproof your basement.

If your basement flooded once, there’s a good chance it will flood again. Ohio State Waterproofing offers all types of foundation repair and basement waterproofing¬†solutions and has the tools and equipment to resolve any flooding issues.

You’ve got a long and expensive road ahead of you when recovering from a flooded basement. Regular homeowner policies usually don’t cover water or flood damage and if it does, there are coverage limits for basements.

A flooded basement can be prevented. Contact us today for an evaluation and more information on what waterproofing can do for you.