Peeling Paint in Basement

Basements are becoming a great space in which to invest time and money. Finishing your basement is an affordable and easy way to get that extra square footage you need. However, finishing a basement isn’t as straight forward as many homeowners like to think it is.

Basements are below ground level. This means that they are prone to water problems such as run off, seepage, dampness and other such problems. Great care must therefore be taken when choosing the products and finishes to use in the basement.

One of the important decisions you will make in the finishing of your basement is the type of paint you will use on the walls and possibly the floor. Many homeowners choose to use waterproof paint or epoxy paints for their basements in order to avoid peeling paint.

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Both waterproof and epoxy paint are effective when used in spaces that are prone to dampness such as basements. Waterproof paint as the name suggests is a sealant. It can be used to provide additional protection against moisture in the basement.

Epoxy paint is also a sealant. Various layers of epoxy paint however, must be applied to protect the internal space from water.

The Problem with Paint

Even with sealants and paints applied to the space, homeowners still encounter peeling paint. This is often because the underlying cause for water seepage has not been addressed. While epoxy and waterproof paints act as sealants to moisture, they don’t actually offer any real protection against the penetration of water. You may therefore continue to see flaking paint as a result of efflorescence from penetration of water through the walls or floor.

Solving the Problem

The best way to deal with the peeling paint issue is to address the water seepage issues in your basement. Contact a professional waterproofing contractor to have your basement inspected. They will help you identify the areas that need to be worked on and the best approach to waterproofing your basement.

When your basement is waterproof, no water is likely to enter the space. Applying epoxy or waterproof paint will only enhance the waterproofing. You can then go ahead to repair any areas of flaking. All you need to do is scrape and sand the areas of loose paint. Clean the area and allow it to dry. Reapply the epoxy or waterproof paint and you can be sure that there will be no more flaking or peeling.