Battery Backup Sump Pump

Your home is one of the biggest investments that you will ever make. It therefore makes sense to ensure that it is well protected. This doesn’t only mean ensuring that there is a security system. It also means protecting your home from some of nature’s most destructive forces e.g. water.

One of the most vulnerable parts of the home when it comes to water is the basement. Water in the basement can come from different sources including:

  1. Flooding or heavy rains
  2. Melting snow
  3. Ground water
  4. Leaking utility pipes

Even if you’re lucky enough never to experience a flooded basement, there are many other effects that water in the basement will have on your home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, it takes only up to 48 hours for mold to grow. You may therefore have to suffer the effects of a mold infestation that can be expensive to recover from. Wet basements are also prone to rust, rot and many other moisture problems.

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Keeping the Water Out

If you haven’t invested in a battery backup sump pump already then you should as soon as possible. These pumps are designed to provide your primary sump pump with the support it needs e.g. when it breaks down or there is a surplus of water flooding into the basement.

There are various types of battery backup sump pumps in the market. The pump you choose will depend on your needs. However, it is worth considering these additional features.

  1. How long the charge lasts

Invest in a battery backup sump pump that can go for days without having to recharge it every other time. This will ensure that your basement remains dry even if there is a storm that lasts days and the power is turned off for the duration.

  1. Automatic switch

The sump pump should turn on when the primary pump goes off. This ensures that the backup pump works even when you’re unable to reach it to turn it on.

  1. Alarm system

The sump pump should have an alarm system to alert you of any problems. This will keep you on top of any issues and help prevent emergency repairs.

  1. Anti-clogging

Some pumps have the ability to prevent clogging of their pipes and parts. This may take the form of a grate or other mechanism. This will ensure that your pump lasts for longer.

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