The foundation of your home is an imperfect structure. They don’t last forever. But it always surprises us how many homes we walk into and see failing foundations that have been ignored by homeowners for far too long. Most people don’t realize that bowing and cracking is part of a larger issue, that needs to be addressed as early on as possible to prevent major structure failure down the road.

Now, you do have a few options for repairing your foundation walls—big bulky steel beams, major excavation and wall anchors. However one of the best and least invasive options is StablWall. These carbon fiber sheets consist of thousands of strands linked together and running in the same direction. When those sheets are bonded to a concrete structure, they add tremendous strength to that structure.

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In addition to its strength, StablWall is also stretch proof. This prevents the wall it’s attached to from stretching and warping, adding to its durability.

Now that you know what and how strong it can be, here are 5 more reasons you should have StablWall installed:

  1. Proven Strength – Stronger than steel, carbon fiber has had 25 years of proven use in aerospace, military, automotive, and commercial building industries. You’ve seen it being used everyday: it’s in the space shuttle, airplane wings, in custom cars and motorcycles, and bridges and tunnels.
  2. Simple Installation – Excavation is not required for this project: sheets of StablWall are affixed to your walls by industrial strength epoxy. They are flexible and can work on just about any wall type including block, brick, clay tiles, concrete, and some stones.
  3. Upkeep – StablWall is maintenance free and it can be painted; latex paint works best. For extra mold and mildew prevention in your basement, you could also use the additive Kiltz.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal – The material is so thin that it doesn’t take away from your usable living space. StablWall also has a better look than other strengthening methods that can leave your walls looking compromised.
  5. Endurance – With your walls lined with StablWall you could survive the zombie apocalypse. The sheets are permanent and virtually indestructible keeping what is outside from coming in whether it’s mother nature or unwanted guests including the un-dead. StablWall is extra protection for your family and your home.

If these reasons weren’t enough to assure you that StablWall is the best solution for your foundation walls, you can contact us for a free in-house consultation. You’ll soon be convinced that this inexpensive one-time fix is definitely worth the peace of mind. Keep reading for more waterproofing and foundation repair tips.

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