Early detection of water seepage issues is important. It will not only help to preserve the integrity of your home by getting the help you need early, but also ensure that you save money by repairing the problem before it becomes too advanced.

Many homeowners leave the diagnosis and repair of the problem to a professional basement waterproofing contractor. This is good. However, it’s important for homeowners to arm themselves with some information. This will ensure that they get the help they need and are better able to get an effective solution applied.

If you’re considering hiring a basement waterproofing contractor, the following are some things you should know:

  1. Recognizing the signs of water damage

There are several obvious signs of water damage that any homeowner can pick up on. These include puddles of water, rust on metal appliances and peeling of paint. However, many of these obvious signs occur when the damage is already at an advanced stage.

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There are more subtle signs of water seepage. These include musty smells, the appearance of a white powdery substance on the walls as well as cracking. These are less obvious signs of water damage. They require careful inspection of the basement. Being able to identify these issues will help you determine whether you have a water seepage problem.

  1. The cost of water damage

Water damage can reduce the value of your home by as much as 15 percent. In some cases, the value of the home is diminished by 25 percent. This often occurs when the issue is allowed to continue growing to the point that it erodes the structural integrity of the home.

Damp basements can become health hazards especially when they are allowed to develop mold infestations.

  1. Water problems are progressive and aggressive

Ignoring that water problem in your basement won’t make it go away. If anything, it will only make it worse. Water problems that aren’t fixed will only become worse and result in problems that are more difficult and expensive to repair.

  1. Not all waterproofing contractors are the same

Waterproofing isn’t as straight forward as many would like to believe. The waterproofing needs of one home are different from those of another home. A good basement waterproofing contractor will provide you with a solution that is suited for your specific needs and requirements. Avoid contractors that will try to force you into buying the solution they offer even when it won’t be effective for your home.

Taking a proactive approach to hiring a contractor will help ensure better results in waterproofing your foundation.