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We love them, and they love us unconditionally. Pets are there for us when we need someone to. They lift our spirits when we need a boost, and they are there whenever we need a friend. Pets are loyal members of our households, and sometimes we can’t do without them.

While having a pet offers many benefits, it also comes with some risks. One of these risks has to do with the indoor air quality of our homes. Your pet could be compromising the air quality in your home.

How pets affect indoor air qualityIs Your Pet Affecting the Indoor Air Quality of Your Home? Ohio

The effect that pets have on the air quality in your home will largely depend on the type of pet you have in your home.

  • Dogs

Primarily known as man’s best friend and probably the most lovable companion you can have. Unlike many other pets, dogs require a lot of time outdoors, even if raised as indoor pets. It means that they can carry allergens with them on their coats from the outdoors into the home. These allergens include mold, pollen, and dust. These are spread into the air when the dog scratches or shakes them off.

Dogs are also a source of danger. Dander consists of dead skin cells that slough off the body of the pet over time.

  • Cats

These pets can be affectionate and aloof. They are a favorite amongst many for their independent personalities. Like dogs, cats spend a lot of time outdoors and can drag allergens into the home on their coats. They are also a source of pet dander, which can cause allergic reactions in people. Cat fur, urine, and saliva are also known to trigger allergies.

  • Rodents

These include mice, hamsters, and any other member of the rodent family. These pets produce a lot of dander. They are also known to have allergen proteins in their urine and saliva. Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to rodents can lead to a higher risk of developing asthma.

  • Birds

Unlike dogs, rodents, and cats, birds do not have fur. They, however, do have feathers that also have allergens. Birds are also a source of pet dander and can harbor mites. Mites are small and insect-like. They are a cause of allergic reactions in many people.

If you have a pet, the indoor air quality in your home may be compromised. Your beloved pet may be the cause of your allergic reactions or heightened asthma symptoms.

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