Have you spotted some cracks in your basement? Perhaps you’ve noticed a dump must smell in your basement. You may even have woken up to a flooded basement. Whatever the case, you may be tempted to handle basement waterproofing on your own.

Saving money is the main motivator for many DIYers. However, many who go down this route find that they are actually not able to save money this way. They actually end up spending much more as a result of the problems that arise from their inexperience.

The following are some common problems that can arise from DIY basement waterproofing.

  1. Leaking window well

Installing a basement window isn’t as simple as installing other windows around the home. Not only are there special regulations and standards to adhere to, but also several steps to take to ensure the window is waterproof.

An improperly installed window well will result in pooling of water and eventual leaking into the basement. This may result in flooding and damage of your property. Recovering from this can be expensive.


  1. Health issues

If your efforts to waterproof your basement aren’t successful, they can result in moisture problems within the basement. These include mold infestations.

Mold spores have been linked to various health issues including worsening of allergies. If you want to avoid putting the health of your household at risk, consider leaving the job to the professionals.

  1. Wall cracks

It’s important to ensure cracks in the foundation are sealed as soon as possible. Even cracks that aren’t leaking can begin to leak eventually and cause a moisture problem.

Basement waterproofing involves more than simply sealing cracks. It involves finding the root cause of the cracks. Failing to do so will only result in bigger cracks.

  1. Structural issues

Many inexperienced homeowners apply band-aid solutions to waterproofing their homes. These solutions are often only cosmetic.

While these solutions may work for a while, they do not address the underlying problems. If the root cause of a foundation issue goes unresolved, it is likely to get worse with time. You may therefore end up having to deal with serious structural problems that will be more expensive to resolve.

The takeaway

Basement waterproofing isn’t a DIY job. It’s a job that should be left to an experienced and qualified professional contractor. If you attempt to do the waterproofing by yourself, you will most likely end up having to do expensive repairs.

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