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Foundation Repair Cleveland, OH

Foundation Repair Cleveland, OH

Facts About Cleveland

Early in the 20th century, Cleveland was home to pioneer carmakers, including steam car builders White and Gaeth and electric car company Baker.  Immigrants, particularly from Southern and Eastern Europe as well as Ireland, came to Cleveland in search of work. Cleveland, the largest city in Ohio, is situated on the south shore of Lake Erie at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River. It was surveyed in 1796 by General Moses Cleaveland on behalf of the Connecticut Land Company, which had purchased a large amount of land in the Western Reserve. The following year, Lorenzo Carter built a cabin that doubled as the local inn and jail, and became the community’s first permanent settler. The city’s industries saw rapid growth and new and better structures began to arise in the city. William R. Hopkins, who became the city manager in 1924 oversaw the development of parks, the Cleveland Municipal Airport (later renamed Hopkins International Airport), and improved welfare institutions. In 1926, the Van Sweringen brothers, who had previously worked to improve Cleveland’s trolley and rapid program, began construction of the great Terminal Tower. Until 1967, the tower was the tallest building in the world outside of New York City. Recent trends, however, point to a gradual awakening of the population to these problems and the beginnings of solving them.

Cleveland has begun to rediscover its entrepreneurial past and has begun to capitalize on the wealth of educational and medical facilities in the region to produce economic growth. The most promising economic developments for Cleveland are centered around its so-called “ed and med” district, University Circle. Projections of 10,000 new jobs to be created in the area of the circle and surrounding areas such as the Cleveland Clinic’s Fairfax neighborhood offer a new opportunity to reinvent Cleveland as a modern city. The city and local economic development entities such as University Circle Inc. are currently working on a variety of plans to redevelop the neighborhoods surrounding University Circle and to build a vibrant neighborhood in what they term Cleveland’s “Uptown” area.

In addition to the improvement of housing stock and development of new neighborhood retail, the ed and med entities are investing in start-up and early-stage companies at a higher rate than the city has seen in decades. Several area organizations, such as “JumpStart Inc.”, are investing venture capital in early-stage companies, while others, such as “BioEnterprise”, focus on attracting venture capital and other funding into bioscience and technology firms. The level of venture capital investment in the region has increased more than five times over since 2001. Both the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals have announced billions of dollars in investment in new facilities, such as a new heart center for the Clinic, as well as a cancer center and new pediatric hospital for UH. Case Western Reserve University, the region’s leading research university, is planning to focus its bioscience research into new research and incubation park known as the “West Quad”, which will also involve a variety of institutions from around the region. It is hoped that initiatives such as these will deliver the private-sector economic growth that Cleveland has so desperately craved, and bring with it a better future for the city and region.

Foundation, Crawl Space and Basement Waterproofing

Ohio State Home Services has provided quality service with over 80,000 successful waterproofing and foundation repair installations and satisfied customers since our inception in 1978. Ohio State Home Services’ philosophy for success is to provide honest, courteous and guaranteed service to every customer. Our reputation reflects this. Our well-trained waterproofing technicians are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. This is achieved through fast, efficient processes as well as teamwork throughout this organization. You will always find a friendly representative willing to meet your needs at Ohio State Home Services. We are a full-service company that handles problems ranging from patching cracks to rebuilding basements. In addition, we hold three patents related to waterproofing that makes us unique in the industry. These patents and our experience allow us to be able to do what every other waterproofer can do, but no one else can do what we do. We are actively involved in the industry and community, including the National Association of Waterproofing Contractors, NARI, NAHB, NHIA, the BIA, the FHA and a number of consumer advocacy groups, as well as playing leading roles in a number of charitable functions.

Ohio State Waterproofing is the areas premier basement waterproofing and foundation repair company. In an area with so many historic homes, it is a good idea to have your home inspected and if needed waterproofed by a professional. Ohio State Waterproofing provides services in and around the metro area, as well as Strongsville. Contact Ohio State Waterproofing for a FREE consultation.

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