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4 Signs You Need to Call a Crawlspace Waterproofing Professional Youngstown, OH

It is common to find crawlspaces that are damp, dirty, and unpleasant. These conditions make it possible for bacteria, mold, and termites to thrive. Crawlspace waterproofing can help reverse these conditions in order to keep the crawlspace stay dry and habitable. Dampness and seepage of moisture into the basement can also play a role in compromising the integrity of your home’s structure.

You need to be on the lookout for signs of moisture in the basement. Calling a professional crawlspace waterproofing professional upon seeing the early signs of water or moisture helps avoid the problems that are associated with wet crawlspaces. You will also make significant savings by avoiding the costly repair that can arise if you don’t intervene.4 Signs You Need to Call a Crawlspace Waterproofing Professional Youngstown, OH

Here are some key signs that you need to call a crawlspace waterproofing expert.

  1. Humid Conditions in the Crawlspace

Damp conditions in your crawlspace suggest that water is seeping in. This could be through the floor, cracks on the walls, or due to instances of flooding. dampness is undesirable because it is associated with the growth of mold.

In addition, seepage of water into the crawlspace walls can cause the wall to bulge. A waterproofing expert will help you determine the exact cause of the dampness and recommend an appropriate way to fix the problem.

  1. Mold and Musty Smells

If the crawlspace is damp, you are likely to experience musty smells due to the growth of mold. In many cases, the mold will at first be hidden in dark places so you cannot easily see it. But continued dampness will cause the fungus to multiply faster so that you can easily spot patches of mold in your crawlspace.

Crawlspace waterproofing will help you seal the crawlspace to eliminate dampness and mold.

  1. Efflorescence and Cracks

Efflorescence refers to the movement of dissolved salts through porous material such as a wall or a rock. The salts are then deposited at the surface of the materials, a chalky substance.  A porous crawlspace wall will cause it to easily seep from the outside into the crawlspace, leading to damp conditions.4 Signs You Need to Call a Crawlspace Waterproofing Professional Youngstown, OH

To fix the problem, you need to let a competent crawlspace waterproofing technician seal the openings on the crawlspace wall, including cracks, and apply other appropriate waterproofing measures.

  1. Dry Rot

Dry Rot happens when the moisture content of wood is in excess of 20 percent, creating a conducive environment for wood decay fungi to attach to the wood. Dry Rot in your crawlspace is a sign that the crawlspace is damp and needs to be waterproofed.

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