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3 Facts that you should know about Foundation Repair Parma, OH

Do cracks in the foundation of your house make you nervous? There is little doubt that you get worried when you spot cracks on the walls and floor of your house. Cracks can be an indicator of slight damage to the structural integrity of the house, but they can also signify notable damage that could make the house unsafe to live in.

Therefore, you need to be informed about the various reasons that may necessitate foundation repair, the different types of cracks on house foundations, and how to repair foundation damage. Below are some facts that can help you should you require foundation repair services.

  1. What causes foundation cracks?

3 Facts that you should know about Foundation Repair Parma, OH

Foundation cracks are caused by various factors including water damage and differential settling of the concrete used to make the foundation. Water damage mainly occurs when the soil that holds the foundation absorbs water and expands, thus exerting additional pressure on the concrete. The resulting movement of the soil and concrete can cause cracks in the foundation.

Differential settling of concrete on the other hand occurs when some sections of the foundation sink more than others due to differences in soil properties at the construction site. The differential sinking of the foundation can result in different types of cracks on the structure.

  1. What are the various types of foundation cracks?

Cracks on the foundation may be vertical, diagonal or horizontal.

  • Vertical cracks or cracks that are slightly diagonal (falling within the range of 30 degrees): These are regarded as non-threatening. Such cracks occur as a result of tension in the concrete in newly-constructed houses. Vertical cracks may also occur because of rainwater creating pressure against the foundation.
  • Diagonal cracks: These cracks result from differential concrete settlements and can lead to severe structural issues. Such cracks are common in houses built in hilly areas or areas that have soils with different properties. Foundation repair for diagonal cracks can be quite expensive because it involves determining the exact spot where differential settling occurred to prevent further damages in the future.
  • Horizontal cracks: These cracks indicate notable structural problems. Horizontal cracks occur where the foundation cannot bear the weight of the structure or may be caused by frost heave or movement of heavy equipment near the house.


  1. Can Foundation Cracks Be Repaired?

Most foundation cracks can be repaired depending on the extent of damage. While vertical and diagonal cracks can easily be fixed, horizontal cracks need detailed inspection prior to doing the repair work. The use of carbon fiber sheets is recommended for fixing different types of foundations cracks.


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